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Real And Meaningful Spandex, Motherfucker!

Because I like to fuck with your emotions.

I started this journal to RP with, then when the RP dissolved I started using it to post icons. Then to post fanfic. Then I added bitching about my job to the mix. Now it's become just like any old journal that fiction and art are occasionally posted to along with the general life-bitching. Also I use it for commenting. ...Wow, there is nothing remarkable whatsoever about my journal.
I do all that with STYLE!

Because I'm too paranoid to post my email address, you can get ahold of me by clicking here to leave me a comment, by leaving me a message on my twitter (DoctorVTweets), or by contacting me on my tumblr (DoctorVTumbls).

My Big Damn List
For the fanfic100 challenge. (For the characters/pairing of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.)
Now including my wtf27 table! (For whatever crack I come up with.)
Also included: My un_love_you table. (For Booster and Beetle and delicious, bittersweet angst.)

List o' Fics
A list of all my fanfics, sorted by fandom.
For my Homestuck fanfic, you can find most of it here on Archive Of Our Own.

The Mullet-verse
An off-shoot of the List o' Fics. Includes all stories taking place in my "epic" infamous ginormous Booster/Beetle "Mullet-verse" fanfic AU, discussion of "Mullet-verse" canon, and "Mullet-verse" character profiles. It's a good way to waste a few hours!

Time Wobblers Table
A table of fifty prompts, swiped from fanfic50, for my original fiction series(?) "Time Wobblers."

Places of interest:

Official NaNoWriMo 2007 Participant

EDIT (6/19/2011): Think I got it all covered now. Sweet fuck I hope I don't have to update this thing again any time soon. X(


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